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About Anuradha Jain

My Mission

Developing innovative concepts and digital solutions in collaboration with customers, partners and researchers to enhance economic, social and environmental sustainabilty in network industries, especiallly in rail and road transport logistics and energy transmission.

Our Team



Anuradha Jain

Industries are becoming more complex and changes more dynamic. On top, industry 4.0 has resulted in blurring the borders between different sectors in network industries.


The urgency of dealing with climate change has already been emphasized by policy makers. This calls for a need to look for new ways of working in businesses, knowledge industry and regulations. This challenge is also an opportunity for new innovation.

Professional Experience

  • Sector: Logistics, Transportation and Energy

  • Consultant, industry expert and researcher with 20+ years of international experience in strategic management, business process optimization and IT and innovation projects.

  • Hands-on experience in institutionalizing methods and models for network based concepts, in studies and in operations for operational excellence.

  • Deploying digital solutions as a vehicle for sustainable market creation and business transformation.


  • Self funded PhD research towards growth of EU rail freight through its integration in multimodal freight transport and reducing CO2 emissions, by using digital platforms. A theoretical business model of a multimodal innovative platform developed in earlier independent research is used and extended for this purpose.

  • Drawing lessons on maturity in practices of platforms in energy, freight and passenger transport industries for rail freight. Investigating the effect in real-world case study.

  • Visiting lecturer in informatics, sustainability in different countries.

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